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  • The Treasury announces it is to lower the tax free pension annual contribution

    An announcement by the Chancellor last week, was made to lower the limit on lifetime tax-free pension savings. Which meaning a punitive rate of tax will be levied on all pension pots totaling more than £1.25 million. A male worker in the private sector would have to save £1.44 million to receive a £43,387 pension at current annuity rates. A woman would need to save £1.34 million. Ministers said the cap would …

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Wealth Management – Inheritance Tax Planning

Wealth Management – Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax planning is a vital component of your wealth management plan, because it enables you to continue to support all your family members after you’re gone. While we all have our hopes and aspirations for our own life and future, it’s true to say that the majority of us don’t just create wealth for ourselves, but in addition for the benefit of our close friends, loved ones and people closest to us.

It might feel just a little morbid to consider or discuss our own demise, but it’s a very real element of existence that none of us can avoid. The issue is that if you don’t acknowledge and prepare for it now, you might find that passing your hard-earned money on to those you would like to gain from it is complicated. Inheritance tax issues have to be dealt with and maintained as soon as possible, to make sure that your finances are organised and prepared in case anything should happen to you.

Inheritance Tax Planning – Expats, Business Succession & Cross Border Estates

At Guardian Wealth Management, we feel that inheritance tax planning is the foundation of your financial plan. Our professional staff of financial experts will direct you through this sensitive issue, to help you make the best possible plans for your estate in the eventuality of your passing.

For expats and international workers who’re living outside the UK, obtaining expert guidance on inheritance tax planning from a qualified financial advisor is much more vital – these already complex inheritance guidelines could be further complicated because of the fact that the tax laws of more than one legal system might need to be considered.

An additional problem concerning inheritance tax planning can occur if you’re running a business with partners or investors in a business, since you may discover that your company might end up in the hands of somebody who isn’t approved of by yourself or your work associates.

Inheritance Tax and The Help Of Professional Financial Advisors

If there’s one aspect of your wealth management and financial planning strategy that you ought to obtain specialist help with, then inheritance tax planning is it – purely due to the complexity and also the ramifications it holds for your family members and relatives.

First and foremost, you will have to make a will and perhaps also think about generating a trust. For more guidance concerning inheritance tax planning, talk to our wealth management experts today.

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