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  • The Treasury announces it is to lower the tax free pension annual contribution

    An announcement by the Chancellor last week, was made to lower the limit on lifetime tax-free pension savings. Which meaning a punitive rate of tax will be levied on all pension pots totaling more than £1.25 million. A male worker in the private sector would have to save £1.44 million to receive a £43,387 pension at current annuity rates. A woman would need to save £1.34 million. Ministers said the cap would …

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Just what is spread trading?

If you are interested in financial planning and you are consistently looking for techniques to develop your individual prosperity, you could have stumbled upon the phrase spread trading. Spread trading presents consumers with a chance to invest on diverse economical markets and it is wholly tax free.

Your goal when spread trading is to select 1 of two options; you can go with an up bet or a down bet. An up bet is also at times known as a long position or alternatively, a buy – and you’ll place an up bet if you believe that a commodity or share that you are interested in will rise in price. Conversely, a down bet, sell or short position is placed if you suspect that it’ll drop in worth. In reality, you’re not actually purchasing a share, but instead betting on its price motion.

Spread trading – what’s the risk?

Spread trading is usually a great way to backup your other solutions of financial planning, but it is obviously not without its risks. In effect, you are gambling with your own hard earned money, so it makes sense to ease oneself into it gradually.

Every time you want to place a bet, it is advisable to take into account what level of risk you’re prepared for. You then need to select an amount to bet per point, which may be anything from a pound upwards .

You will have to also determine whether you want to place your wager on the daily, rolling or contract month basis.

Deciding upon the size of your respective spread trading bet

If you should opt for a daily bet, it’s going to close automatically with the end of the dealing day, in case you haven’t closed it manually before this closing stage. You’ll really need to spend somewhat more if you want to place a rolling bet, which can proceed through to the next day of dealing. If you should choose to place a contract month bet, it would run for up to a three month period, closing down on a predetermined day.

This is merely a short look into the leading terms and conditions and approach to spread trading; if you’d like some more comprehensive information or support then see, this is where extensive explanations are covered and you can apply your newly found skills on the demo online site without any risk possibility.

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