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  • The Treasury announces it is to lower the tax free pension annual contribution

    An announcement by the Chancellor last week, was made to lower the limit on lifetime tax-free pension savings. Which meaning a punitive rate of tax will be levied on all pension pots totaling more than £1.25 million. A male worker in the private sector would have to save £1.44 million to receive a £43,387 pension at current annuity rates. A woman would need to save £1.34 million. Ministers said the cap would …

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Wealth Management – Pension and Retirement Planning

Wealth Management – Pension and Retirement Planning

Pension and retirement planning is a vital component of your wealth management and financial planning strategy. When you’ve spent your lifetime working hard to maintain yourself and your loved ones, you should anticipate a contented retirement which you could relax and relish the fruits of your life’s labour. Pension and retirement planning could be a huge worry for many who believe they might have left investing for his or her senior years far too late. By seeking the guidance an expert financial advisor, you are able to help to reduce that stress and begin planning for your retirement.

The fear factor of pensions is an extremely real problem for individuals who realise, as they reach middle age, that retirement is around the corner.

A few of the concerns these people face and also problems that they have to address include:

  • How much money do you require for retirement? Everyone is living considerably longer and are living well into their nineties or beyond.
  • How do you make sure that there’s an ongoing source of income if a spouse dies? This is usually a concern for women, since they are more likely to live longer than men.
  • How will inflation and currency fluctuations affect a set income?
  • What about care costs for you or your companion?

Along with these common worries, lots of people who thought they’d made a provision via an employer’s pension scheme discover the scheme is running on empty.

Retirement and Pension Options and Advice

With regards to pensions and retirement planning, the choices are pretty straight forward – you may either take responsibility for financing your own retirement and treat any state provision and inheritance like a bonus, or settle-back and hope for the best.

Our team of expert financial advisors at Guardian Wealth Management would clearly advise that the former is the better course of action. If you wish to feel secure regarding your retirement future, it’s vital that you take positive actions, instead of leaving anything to chance.

Our specialists will help you figure out your pension and retirement planning choices, including:

  • Savings plans
  • QROPS, or Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes
  • Pensions such as SIPPS

Assisting you to prepare for a happy retirement is just one of our objectives and our financial advisors can talk you through your wealth management choices to be able to assist you to select the best course of action for your individual requirements. We’re also accepted as among the industry leaders in QROPS advice – these offshore QROPS are pension schemes that may offer a tax-efficient and much more flexible option for expats who wish to consider the alternatives to a UK pension.

Finding The Right Pension and Retirement Solutions

As with every financial planning matter or wealth management strategy, securing professional, independent advice is the better way to make sure that you understand all your options and can source the right package or solution to suit your needs.

We would like to enable you to enjoy your retirement, so get in touch with our team of professional financial advisors now, to determine how we can assist you to choose the best pension, QROPS or retirement plan for your requirements.

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